4388061524_c631c18636_bWildlife removal services from Salt Lake City help people get rid of unwanted animals in a safe and humane way. Free inspections and fast service gives people the results they want.

Squirrel removal Salt Lake City services can be very helpful to anyone who has had a nuisance animal in or around their home. Some wild animals can be dangerous or aggressive and it is important to get rid of them humanely. Advanced wildlife control helps people keep their homes safe and critter free. Our trapping services take care of all sorts of animals from snakes to raccoons and opossums. The trapping includes an inspection of the house to determine where the animal in question got inside. After the animals are trapped and removed from the house we offer sealing services to prevent this type of incident from happening again.

Some animals that get into houses can cause some serious damage and makes animal removal even more necessary. Bats that are found in attics cause damage to the house and leave the smell of guano and urine that can be very hard to get out. Sealing the house against further intrusion comes in the stage that we call full exclusion. This is a detailed inspection of the house to determine any weak spots that animals can use to get inside. Any area that animals can get inside is fully sealed with top quality materials to prevent the same kind of intrusion. Full exclusion work can include keeping animals off of your garden and chimney and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Wildlife control and repairing damage is what we do best at Salt Lake City and we offer restoration and general construction to complement our services. Attic cleanup is a very common service for homes that have been invaded by wild animals. Animals like to stay in attics and they can do a lot of damage to the attic and the insulation. We will dispose of contaminated insulation, disinfect the attic, and get rid of any odor that the animals may have left behind.